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After many years of multidisciplinary experience helping Health Industry players achieve their goals through technology solutions, we have developed deep and extensive understanding on how to tackle the natural challenges and complexities in the industry.

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Clapps Health

We are passionate about bringing technology solutions into the health industry, improving experiences overall, reducing operational costs, optimizing revenue flows, and above all things, allowing stakeholders to obtain improved solutions to help them achieve better results on their mission.

Through our partnership with Develop Consulting and their +30 years experience in the health industry, we have created an interdisciplinary team that understands your goals and vision.


Known Industries

Medical Education
Private Health Providers
Public Hospitals
Healthcare Payers
Clinical Trials


Different approaches to better drive success


We can understand your needs, give shape to your ideas and create solutions from start to end.

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Refactor /
Re Inventions

We dive in your system and expand or remake for your needs.

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Do you need teams? We provide simple or complex solutions for development needs in company.

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Nicolás mazza

Clapps Health Director

Health Industry Expert, Entrepreneur and Innovator.
Nicolás manages and leads a group of companies in the health industry.

As director of Develop Consulting and Clapps Health, he's in charge of leading the vision and general execution, making sure our methodologies are aligned with your business logic, and that our professionals stay up to date with trends, regulations, and the reality driving change in the industry.

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